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La Ferme de la Colle

Given that in ProvenceCheese making represents a whole know-how, Trott’in Verdon also offers its customers a visit to La ferme de la Colle. A goat farm clean and well maintained in which you will have the pleasure to meet the owner Cyril, his granddaughter Eva and his kind wife Aline.

commentaire- ferme de la colle

It is a rather tiring job but he does it with a lot of love and kindness. These little creatures leave their space every morning and afternoon for no more than four hours, and it’s the Z dog’s job to watch them.

Little secret: to make good milk and good Provencal cheese, they need to be stroked!

In his herd, there are cloddy goats (without horns and who have difficulty defending themselves) and other horned goats (who are rather aggressive among themselves). However, they are all super nice and used to meeting visitors! They live about fifteen years and lose their productivity at nine or even ten years, at this age they are excluded from the herd.

Are you looking for information on the manufacturing process of Provencal cheese? Let’s go!

la ferme de la Colle
there are precisely four types of cheese
types of cheese at Trigance
fresh cheese, which takes forty-eight hours to make, semi-fresh cheese, ripened cheese and
the tome
which is the strongest. They are all wonderfully delicious. A real treat! You’ll be amazed, with the salty taste of the cheese melting right in your mouth.

Another little secret? To make such a gastronomic pleasure, Cyril mixes the evening’s cheese, which is kept at a maximum of ten degrees, with the day’s cheese, and then sells it to the village’s merchants.

Want to know more? You just have to reserve your seats and go directly to the owner of
the farm of the Colle
while enjoying aan electric scooter ride in Trigance ! He will welcome you warmly and answer all your questions.

At the farm, not only Cyril is an artist, but also his wife Aline!

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