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Castle of Trigance

The village of Trigance is proudly dominated by its medieval castle. We can find the history of this castle written on panels hung in the streets of the village.

When was the Château de Trigance built?

There is no official document to date to prove the date of its construction. It can be thought that it was built between the 9th and 11th centuries by the monks of Saint Victor’s Abbey as a meditation fortress.

Who lived in the Château de Trigance ?

According to the legend, two lordly families would have lived there: the Demandolx and the Valbelle who succeeded each other between the 15th and the 18th century, at the head of the fief of Trigance.

In 1680, the parish priest celebrated the marriage of Bathélémy de Demandolx and Marguerite Delphine de Vento in one of the chapels.

Nevertheless, it was abandoned and has remained uninhabited since the 1730s.

What has become of the Château de Trigance?

After its abandonment by its lords, the Château de Trigance was plundered and partly demolished at the time of the French Revolution in 1789.

One of the castle’s towers was destroyed in the second half of the 19th century. The rubble was used for the construction of the mill of Trigance.

The three towers that still exist were built gradually, which explains their different architecture.

Château de Trigance, a renowned hotel restaurant ?

Today, the castle is private and is not open to visitors. But it houses a 3-star hotel and a renowned gourmet restaurant.

Indeed, in 1960, it was rehabilitated by a couple from Var who were seduced by the charm of the village and the castle and who had this crazy project to undertake the renovation of this pile of stones to transform it into a hotel restaurant.

Today, you can enjoy a cuisine based on local products, served in the old vaulted arms room made of dry stone, then sleep in a room with a four-poster bed and antique furniture.

This hotel is part of the Relais-Châteaux brand and has contributed to the tourist revival of the village.

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