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The village of Trigance

Did you know that? 9 kilometers from the Gorges du Verdon, there is a small village, rich in monuments, called Trigance. It is a place known for its history and heritage.

What to visit in Trigance ?

In Trigance, you have the possibility to visit two types of monuments: historical and Christian.

The medieval castle
the bridge over the Jabron
The medieval castle and the bridge over the Jabron are destinations that will make you discover all the secrets of this village.

The castle of Estelle,
the parish church of Saint Michel
, the chapel of Saint Julien, the chapel Saint Roch and the old Templar sanctuary, most of which were built following tragic events that the inhabitants suffered in the past.

There are also
museums in Trigance
. La Sagne for example, in which you can admire the sculptures of the artist
Cheistel Schlierkamp
a woman who gives off a lot of sensuality through her works.

We also recommend you to admire the manual and artisanal work of the shopkeepers in all the stores of the village, their works are really unique…

Wait! It’s not over yet! Did you know that you could also party in Trigance?

Indeed, if you arrive in August, you will have the chance to attend incredible parties in
Saint Roch
as well as in
Saint Julien
during the village festival.

How many chapels are there in Trigance?

In Trigance, there are five chapels: Saint Roch, Saint Julien, Saint Clair, Saint Esprit and Saint Michel Church. Do not hesitate to visit them all, it is not to be missed!

Do you know the famous story of the Saint-Roch chapel in Trigance?

Located on the top of a hill, the Saint Roch chapel was built in 1643. According to the legend, Saint Roch of Montpellier would have sheltered there the inhabitants of the plague and the contagious diseases. According to the local doctors, it was obvious that God was trying to punish the villagers and make them ask for mercy and thanks from the Saints.

As if by a miracle, the plague leaves Trigance for good , and the French finally resume their lives without fear. Since that time, people go there every year from August 14 to 16 for the village festival.

Would you like to know more about this story? Would you like to go further and discover the other mysteries of Trigance?

Trott’in Verdon
offers you
a GUIDED visit to the Saint Julien chapel
located at only eight kilometers from Saint Roch. You will be accompanied by a professional team who will take care of you and propose an exceptional program.

Chapelle Saint Roch - Trigance

How are the landscapes in Trigance?

Trigance is the entrance
of the Verdon gorges
a magical and heavenly place.

Come and admire the impressive view of the of the mountains and the landscape and the incredibly beautiful landscape, not to be missed.

Make sure that you can both admire this earthly picture and practice an activity in family or with friends ; With Trott’in Verdon you have the possibility to drive in electric scooter, accompanied by a guide who will be at your disposal for a pleasant half day, you will have time to contemplate beautiful landscapesand even take some nice pictures and even dive in the Verdon river. An atypical experience that will remain forever engraved in your memory!

What is the culinary specialty in Trigance?

Don’t miss the chance to taste
goat cheese in Trigance
It is one of the best gastronomies that everyone deserves to try.

Also think about impressing yourself by trying
the michettes
! It’s wheat yeast bread, usually in a circular shape, that is just delicious.

What are the jobs in Trigance?

It is true that this small town is known for its manual and artisanal work, but this does not prevent the existence of various jobs in Trigance. There are many employees, company managers, craftsmen, shopkeepers and self-employed people.

It’s a real entrepreneurial paradise!

What are the leisure activities in Trigance?

Are you curious? Do you have a sense ofadventure? Want to try something a little out of the ordinary?

Trott’in Verdon
offers not only a guided visit to the Saint Julien chapel but also a small tour to
the farm of La Colle.

You will enjoy a beautiful walk that is both entertaining and cultural! A guide will be at your disposal to help you discover all the secrets of the chapel, then and always
by electric scooter
you will be taken to an exceptional place where we will make you enjoy a tasting of goat cheese.

Why wait? Check this link to book your activity in Trigance!

Balade à Trigance - Gorges du Verdon

Did you know that there are also
aquatic activities in the surroundings of Trigance
? Don’t hesitate to discover the Verdon gorges which are just nine kilometers away from the region!

Haute Provence Outdoor
proposes a program rich in adventures:
Rando Aqua
Canyoning, Deval’Bike, Paddle and even a canoe
a canoe rental
. Guided activities in the middle of nature that will make you dream! You will be carried away by the current of
the river of Verdon
and dazzled by the beautiful landscape of the mountain.

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