Trigance course

Between Culture & Heritage

Discovering the village of Trigance and the know-how of Provence

Notice to history and culture lovers !

The course of the

village of Trigance

invites you to take the time to visit this historic and authentic village in the Var, on the border of the Alpes de Haute Provence.

Equipped with your all-terrain electric scooter, you leave for a cultural excursion of the heritage of Trigance, village located at the crossroads of the departure points of the right and left banks of the famous
Gorges du Verdon

During this walk, you will meet local producers and be immersed in the old Provencal charm and the history of the village.

You will go from road to road to admire exceptional views on the Jabron valley with its hills, but also on the famous

Castle of Trigance

which dominates the village.

The village is full of beautiful facades of old houses, vaulted passages and typical Provencal streets, which you can observe during your outing.

Different stops will be proposed to you to discover this medieval village with for example the visit of the two small Chapels of the village, the Chapel of Saint-Roch and the Chapel of Saint-Julien, both full of stories!


Go and meet the village goat farm, the

Ferme de la Colle

for a small tasting of goat cheese and a small visit of the place with Cyril.

Come and meet the mythical local baker who will show you his traditional bread oven and tell you his story with passion!

A ride full of surprises, rich in encounters and history, aboard a brand new ecological and sustainable vehicle!

Two courses are proposed to you on the village of Trigance:

The Morning

In the afternoon

More access to culture and heritage, you will visit the heart of Trigançois know-how with several stops over approximately 2 hours:

  • The chapel of Saint Roch
  • The farm of La Colle with tasting of goat cheese
  • The Saint-Julien chapel
  • The alleys of the village
  • The bakery with its traditional wood oven

At the end of this tour, you will know everything about the history of this picturesque Provencal village!

Ready for the quiz?

In the afternoon, the goat farm being closed, we propose you an itinerary, of about 2 hours, more rolling and with less stops.

It is a course where you will take different types of paths always around the village of Trigance.

Nothing is marked out, the guidebook offers you several itinerary options, you can choose to go where you want depending on the possibilities of course!

At the end, reward yourself with a stop by the river and why not take a refreshing dip?

Think about your swimsuit!

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